4 Great Buys

October 12, 2007

The Best Shopping Websites 4 Great Buys

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The Best Shopping Websites 4 Great Buys

The holiday season is almost upon us and the department stores are geared up and ready to get your hard earned cash. The list that follows will help you defeat their purpose: You can save big time this shopping season and if you so choose, use the savings on a nice getaway come mid-February. The choice is your to do what you want with your savings but my job is to help keep that money in your pocket, so lets get started:

Deal of America. This site is a great money saver, it updates its bargains every hour. You name it and you can get it here: Each item it lists on the home page shows a write up as well as an image and description. Deal of America also gives a description and the list price so that you know how much of a bargain you are actually receiving. The deals are from the big online retailers as well as the smaller physical stores that have a nationwide presence.

Slickdeals.net. Deals are listed by the date. New items are being added every day. They offer online coupons, these really come in handy and are not useless discounts like so many other offerings. They have over 800 coupons for most of the favorite online stores. My favorite part of their website is their forum. The message board is filled with really helpful tips and discount information from a swarm of shoppers.

Shoppingbookmarks.com provides links to deals on the web from its homepage and then permits site users to locate deals by day with its calendar option. Its forum page has an great section of free deals online, by mail and phone. It also has a message board for referrals and rewards.

Craig list. You probably think this is a typo or that I am a fool disguising himself as a shopping authority but hold on. This is one of the most popular sites on the entire internet for a reason and it’s not just because of unethical and/or immoral opportunities to be found at the site. No, this is a great resource to find new and pre-owned products ranging from cars to jewelry, classical books to computer software, sports memorabilia to ladies lingerie. You name and you can find it here. You can limit your search to your small community or open it up to Paris, France. It is up to you. This is not just a place where people are trying to get rid of junk but an online shopping mall where deals can be found, IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO LOOK. Before I move on let me forewarn you that there are the creepy critters that like to take advantage of good decent people trying to find a deal. They can be easily avoided if you follow some basic precautions.

1. Don’t buy from an individual, unless you can meet that person in a safe place (IE: Public eatery, library, etc..). The purpose of putting Craig’s List in this article is intended for small companies or reputable individuals that can be vouched for (IE: you can check their EBay Rating, or some other means of validation)

2. Use common sense. Don’t pay for a product or service that sounds too good to be true: it probably is.

The Best Shopping Websites 4 Great Buys


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